An Apology

2017-08-11 14:47:03 by Lyylora

An Apology

Sorry for not posting any art recently, It's almost impossible to take pictures of traditional art using a computer camera... #CameraStruggles  I also don't do digital art.... 


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2017-08-11 16:43:31

It's alright, take your time, no one really expects you to make new content like all the time or something.

Lyylora responds:

Thanks, I just struggle with the camera alot.


2017-08-11 17:50:57

Hey it's fine, don't worry to much. i know how much it sucks to make pictures with just regulair pen and paper art. most of my pictures are a bit blury (and i hate that) but i keep posting ;) even if it takes some time. and people care about your art and not to much about how the picture is taken. just keep drawing and if it takes a bit more time don't worry people can wait. ^_^
just look at the positive things okay ;)

Lyylora responds:

Thanks! It's nice having someone to relate to. :)